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All upcoming Chilworth Riding Club clinics and competitions are shown below. Entries for all events are through My Riding Life.  

BRC Area 17 Qualifiers for 2024 are also listed below. Entry to these qualifiers is  only available to members of a British Riding Club. 

Area 17 Qualifiers

Horse Trials  * Moreton EC * 16th June

Area 17 Championships incorporating Qualifiers for BRC National Championships * Moreton EC * 20 & 21st July

Area 17 Championships

Arena Eventing Championships * Aston Le Walls * 31 May - 2 June 2024

BRC SEIB Horse Trials Championships * Grange Farm * 2 - 4 August * 

Combined Championships * Aston Le Walls * 5 - 6 October 2024

Helpful Hints

Below are some general guidelines/information to help members taking part in a Chilworth Riding Club activity. If you have any questions, please contact one of the Riding Club Committee - we are here to support, and are always happy to help!


Please note that CRC has Third Party Insurance that covers Public Liability only. Members are advised that they should obtain any other insurance that they require.

First Aid cover is not always available at events and would be limited to standard NHS A&E callout.

All persons ride at their own risk, and CRC and landowners accept no responsibility for any accident, loss or damage, however caused, to competitors,  spectators, animals, vehicles or any equipment brought to events.


It is the person who is the member, not the horse. If you are a member and allow a non member to ride your horse at an open event, then the non member fee must be paid.

Sharing Horses/Ponies

If a Senior and Junior member share the same horse/pony, at some events it is possible for both members to ride. However, two riders of the same age group (e.g. two juniors) cannot ride the same horse or pony at one event.

Dress Code

Hats are compulsory for any person mounted, and they must meet current BRC hat standards. 

Correct dress for competitions is jackets, stocks or ties, gloves and long or short boots. Long hair should be tied bac / plaited / in a bun.

For fun events/training clinics, dress can be smart casual, but with long sleeves for safety.

Back protectors are recommended for all jumping events, and are compulsory for Cross Country.

Warming up at events

The rule is that horses should pass left to left in the warm up area.

Please take an inside track if you are in walk.

Stand off the track and away from the gate to check tack or boots.

No helpers are permitted in the warm up area, please stand on the outside or in the safety zone at jumping events.

Beware of horses with ribbons in their tails:

RED means the horse may kick

Green means the horse is young or inexperienced

White means the horse is a stallion.

At jumping events, there is usually a jump in the warm up area. Jump the obstacle with due regard and diligence to other users in the vicinity. If the jump is flagged, you must jump with red on your right and white on your left hand side.

When coming to a jumping event, we ask that you bring someone with you in case of accidents.

When coming to an event, an 'In case of emergency' note on the trailer/lorry is helpful in case a horse gets into distress while unattended.


Prior to any event, help is usually needed to set up the rings and equipment. While this may be hard work, it is also good fun, as it often provides an entertaining dog agility, practice/socialisation session. It is also instructional, as you can get a preview into the art of course building and the psychology behind it, which can help you achieve a better result.

For dressage competitions, help is often needed and appreciated with stewarding, writing for the judge and collecting test sheets. This too can be very instructional.

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